Reimagining Customer Research...

discovering a more HOLISTIC view of the promiscuous shopper

Reimagining Customer Research...

discovering a more HOLISTIC view of the promiscuous shopper

Alter Agents is a full-service market research consultancy reimagining research in the age of promiscuous decision making.

Collaborating with brands to reveal consumer needs, priorities, and context.

At Alter Agents, we see beyond the execution of a project and simple delivery of data. Your business needs come first with our immersive approach, beginning with a focus on the decisions your organization will make based on the insights. We utilize a full complement of tools designed to optimize research inputs before any data is collected. This prework invites stakeholder engagement, guarantees objectives are met, and gives your business the information it needs to succeed.

Beyond the data, we offer our clients unlimited support – whether a project is active or not. Our staff is hands-on with every aspect of the project, and our founder stays engaged throughout the relationship, offering decades of research knowledge and brand expertise to capitalize on insights.


Consumer Research Insights

Alter Agents leverages research insights to power decisions for your brand.

Traditional research is all about the brand. Have you heard of “brand X”? Do you like “brand X”? What do you like about “brand X”? Will you buy “brand X”? Not one consumer thinks like this when making real-life purchasing decisions. They are thinking about their own needs and priorities. You can avoid the frustration that surrounds this standard approach and its lack of actionable data. Alter Agents reframes our research around the consumer, enabling our clients to develop strategies that lead to growth.

Free eBooks

Occasionally we publish eBooks focusing on various topics surrounding marketing research.

Alter Agents

Located in Downtown Los Angeles.

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