We write for Forbes about the benefits of agile neuroscience in market research

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We write for Forbes about the benefits of agile neuroscience in market research

The way we conduct certain types of research has significantly changed over the last year, and many researchers and marketers are exploring innovative ways of generating insights. Rebecca Brooks explores one of these methods in detail in her latest article for Forbes, “How Agile Neuroscience Helps Uncover Holistic Consumer Insights.” She covers how we have used this, in conjunction with other methods, to gain “holistic understanding of audience sentiment and behavior.”

Agile neuroscience measures the body’s physiological responses in order to show what’s going on in the brain. Rebecca writes, “It sounds complicated, but I promise it’s quite intuitive.” Alter Agents has used the Immersion neuroscience platform to provide insights for several recent studies, including with Snapchat, Activision Blizzard, and Audacy. It has helped these clients understand “subconscious drivers of behavior and decision-making processes.”

In the article, she outlines several benefits in seeking this granular level of audience understanding. Neuroscience can reinforce or contradict self-reported data, such as that collected from a survey, in order to clearly indicate if more research is needed before making critical business decisions. It can also give a window into hidden emotions that consumers can or will not tell us in a survey, and help to prove marketing value by illustrating audience engagement and acceptance levels.

Rebecca concludes her article with “In an ecosystem that is promoting and prioritizing data, brands and marketers must make sure they have a 360-degree view of key audiences. This means employing research methodologies that provide multiple perspectives surrounding consumer behavior and sentiment. Agile neuroscience is one technique that can help us gain the deep understanding we need of an increasingly complicated marketplace and consumer.” 

For the complete piece, visit: https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbesagencycouncil/2021/04/28/how-agile-neuroscience-helps-uncover-holistic-consumer-insights/?sh=1fff88ee1681


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