New study article on Radio World covers our audio study with Entercom

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New study article on Radio World covers our audio study with Entercom

We recently co-authored an article for Radio World, which serves as the definitive source for information on radio technology, radio industry news, and industry management techniques. Our Chief Strategy Officer, Devora Rogers, teamed up with Idil Cakim of Entercom to write an exclusive piece for the publication based on our recent study into how audio amplifies messages and engages audiences compared to other media. 

In the piece, the authors discuss the multi-modal methodology we used for the project, which included a survey of a nationally representative population of adults, coupled with an agile neuroscience study by Immersion of individuals from major U.S markets including Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles. They write: “Immersion, the key metric in our study, is a scientific measure of emotional connection and attention. It reveals what audiences truly love and predicts their future actions.”

After explaining how we uncovered the insights, Devora and Idil gave a brief overview of key findings, including: 

  • The “immersion” scores of audio compared to other mediums, illustrating that audio has the highest level of immersion among all the platforms.
  • The impact of audio, measured through biological signals of trust, which found that the audio portfolio is significantly more trusted than TV, social media, YouTube and even Digital Pureplays.
  • The propensity of people to take action based on audio content and messages, illustrating “a ripe environment for advertisers and positive impact on consumer action.”

They conclude the piece by reiterating how the findings from the study “lay a data-driven foundation to ‘make the case’ for the strength of audio to…effectively reach, engage and mobilize audiences.”

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