Case Study: Uncovering the power of augmented reality with Snapchat

Snap and Alter Agents Case Study

Case Study: Uncovering the power of augmented reality with Snapchat

Multiple, multimodal studies uncover deep insights into AR’s impact on consumer behavior, and engagement opportunities for brands

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Case Study

“Alter Agents are one of our preferred research partners because they are extremely client-focused and passionate about their client’s business and this shows up in the way they engage us. They are always thinking about what is best for their client, whether it is the research design, approach, output, and are always thinking about the various opportunities to showcase the work we do with them.”

Aarti Bhaskaran, Head of Global Research & Insights, Snap, Inc. 


Technology company Snap, Inc. believes that the camera presents the greatest opportunity to improve the way people live and communicate, and looks to provide ongoing opportunities for its users to express themselves. One key way the company accomplishes this is through an array of augmented reality (AR) offerings. The Snap team regularly conducts in-depth market research to expand understanding of how AR impacts consumer behaviors, bridging the gap between brands and their audiences. 


Snap’s unique messaging platform leads the market in the application of augmented reality across the consumer and business experience, including specifics such as audience engagement, purchase decisions, and its ability to connect with Gen Z. To deeply understand the AR effect on emotions and behaviors, Snap needed research that could: 

  • Illustrate to brands that augmented reality provides new opportunities for brands to break through the noise and improve consumer experiences 
  • Deliver insights showing how AR can boost advertising effectiveness with highly immersed, emotionally engaged audiences
  • Explore the shopping landscape and how branded AR positively impacts and influences purchase decisions at multiple points along the shopper journey

In order to uncover the subtleties of AR’s impact on multiple fronts, plus give a window into the future of AR for marketers, brands and their most important audiences, Snap needed a tailored, multimodal approach. 

The Solution

Snap engaged our team at Alter Agents, for several projects exploring AR. As one of the Snap team’s trusted research partners, they knew we would push the boundaries of traditional research to uncover new, meaningful insights and tailor our approach to fit every project. Our expert team blends a wide wide array of methodologies to bridge knowledge gaps, provide holistic audience learnings, and reveal true behavior drivers. We employed a multimodal approach for each AR study executed for Snap. Just a few of the methodologies our team used included: 

  • In-depth interviews with AR experts to explore AR’s evolving dynamics
  • Mobile ethnographies with daily diary entries by respondents 
  • Quantitative, multi-country surveys among targeted sample groups 
  • Agile neuroscience that measures physiological processes related to emotions, actions, and decisions


By blending insights from multiple approaches, Alter Agents is able to provide a more holistic audience view, as well as uncovering critical insights to help predict behaviors and create business strategies. 

The Results

We ran several studies for Snap surrounding augmented reality. A few of the key metrics that were uncovered over the course of multiple studies included: 

  • AR allows deep engagement with audiences: With the help of agile neuroscience that delivers an “immersion score” to measure emotional engagement and predict future consumer action, one study found that Snapchat is 1.7x more immersive than platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. 
  • AR influences purchases decisions: Consumers are seeking AR during their shopping experiences, and it is driving decision-making. Branded AR experiences increase the likelihood of purchase (e.g., home decor – 73%, product personalization – 73%, virtual try-on – 72%). In addition, two in three who say they would use branded AR for shopping also agree they are likely to purchase after a branded AR experience. 
  • AR provides a platform for Gen Z: A survey of 19,000 people across 16 markets explored Gen Z’s preferences surrounding communication, commerce, and connection, finding that AR provides a creative, interactive way for them to express themselves and share their story with others. 

Over the course of the research projects, Alter Agents and Snap have worked together to unpack deep, meaningful insights surrounding augmented reality and its impact on the world around us. The collaboration between our two companies has provided an ever-growing foundation for mapping the future of AR applications across the consumer and business ecosystem. 


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