We write for HR Executive about creating a collaborative culture

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We write for HR Executive about creating a collaborative culture

Our Chief Research Officer, Heather O’Shea, recently wrote for HR Executive about some of our first-hand experiences with a completely remote workforce. In the article, called “3 ways to craft a culture of collaboration in remote work models,” she covers trends surrounding work models, as well as some actionable ways to create a culture that enhances today’s workplace environment even when coworkers are not together in-person.

Remote work is on the rise, and for good reason. Heather, drawing from her leadership experience and our own culture at Alter Agents, emphasizes the importance of fostering a culture centered around authenticity, empathy, and community in remote work models. She had quite a bit of real-world models to draw from, as our team operates 100% remotely. One thing she mentions is our use of messaging platforms like Slack as virtual “break rooms” to build connections. By sharing photos and engaging in discussions about various topics, team members are able to bond despite physical distance.

Heather also stresses the significance of integrating company values into the remote work culture. At Alter Agents, embodying the value of “playfulness” involves regular team meetings where members share presentations about their lives and hobbies. Additionally, virtual celebrations and games contribute to a sense of camaraderie and connection. By prioritizing open communication and team bonding activities, companies can create a sense of belonging and unity among remote employees.

Communication lies at the heart of successful remote leadership. In the article, Heather advocates for consistent and transparent communication, utilizing video conferences for business updates and detailed notes for reference. Moreover, being mindful of time zones and working hours ensures inclusivity and respect for team members’ schedules. By fostering trust and accountability, leaders can empower remote teams to thrive and contribute to the company’s success.

In conclusion, she writes “As the traditional workplace undergoes a profound transformation, embracing remote work may no longer be a choice. The good news is that, if done right, remote work models can foster productivity and efficiency while promoting inclusivity, sustainability and employee wellbeing.”

View the complete article here: https://hrexecutive.com/3-ways-to-craft-a-culture-of-collaboration-in-remote-work-models/


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