Direct Mail Opportunity Remains…As Purchase Habits Change

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Direct Mail Opportunity Remains…As Purchase Habits Change

Brands need ways to connect with an audience that is changing drastically. Digital methods remain important, but some powerful traditional methods, like direct mail, can sometimes be overlooked. Rebecca Brooks writes about how people are consuming information in order to make purchase decisions, and how a shifting marketplace can create new opportunities for brands, in her latest piece for Media Post: “As Purchase Habits Change, Impact Of Direct Mail Remains.”


There is an increase of information that is being consumed every day, and Rebecca writes that, “Overall, 70% of people from all demographics are seeking out more information about purchases than they did five years ago.” There is a direct relationship between information consumption habits and shopping behaviors.


With so many consumer activities occurring online, due to ease and efficiency, many turn to digital avenues for their information. However, there is one traditional marketing strategy that is maintaining its influence: direct mail! Rebecca states that direct mail “generates more response than digital efforts like email, social, and paid search (nearly 10 times),” according to our research done with PebblePost. 


There are some very current prevailing reasons for this. Even before the crisis relegated many of us to our homes, 40% of people looked forward to checking their mail every day. During the pandemic,  this number has likely increased as grabbing the mail may be the only time some people venture out of the house.


Rebecca concludes her article by saying that in order to reach audiences successfully, “marketers can effectively influence purchases with a savvy mix of digital and influential traditional media, like direct mail.” It is important to find that perfect media mix, specifically in light of a rapidly changing audience. Increasingly, consumers are shifting their shopping to online, some by need and some by choice. As a result of this, they are also researching in a variety of ways. It is important for brands to connect and build relationships with consumers as they make shopping decisions, both during and after the crisis.

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