Shoppers and Social Media

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Shoppers and Social Media

How Your Customers Use Social to Shop

By: Alter Agents

You know that marketing on social media is important, but what’s the best strategy for your brand? To reach your customers and grow your brand’s market share, you’ve got to understand how shoppers are using social media for their shopping journey: where they turn to for information, what kinds of information they want, and how that plays out in your category. This report from our Shopper Influence Research Program includes findings about the social media shopper.

Key findings in this paper

  • Nearly two-thirds of shoppers use social media for information on their purchases
  • These shoppers are more likely to be male, enjoy higher incomes, and carefully consider their shopping
  • Platform usage for shopping varies widely by generation
  • Social media’ structure contains aspects of other shopping information channels, and success hinges on amplifying the parts most relevant to your shoppers
  • Smart strategy is focused, adaptable, and grounded in an understanding of the shopper