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As a full-service market research consultancy, our team is experienced in all types of quantitative and qualitative methodologies — which we use to help our clients in these ways:

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Building a pipeline to leadership

You need to carry data through to your internal stakeholders so you can evangelize and maximize your hard work. We understand this, and realize that delivering an insightful report is not the final task in any research project. We start every project by building an understanding of who will be using the data, what decisions they will make from it, and how those individuals best absorb information. Discussing this at the beginning allows our team to support you in getting internal buy-in for the research and setting the context in which the data will be used to help make business decisions. From there, we work diligently to make sure all the deliverables are focused on the needs of the decision-makers.

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Championing the challengers

How are consumers actually weighing their options? Often, brand research skews towards the category leaders, but a well-known name is far from your audience’s only consideration. It’s true that brand awareness, familiarity, consideration, and most brand personality and imagery statements all favor the leaders in the industry. Traditional, brand-narcissistic research allows for this bias to color and inform the insights, leading to the belief that years are needed in order to see real change in key metrics. We apply a nimbler, consumer-centric approach to research that provides brands with data that goes beyond who is biggest and looks at the context.

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Launching brands

Foundational research can help your brand thrive. From exploring and defining a target audience to concept and messaging testing to brand awareness, our team has helped startup brands like Waymo, Humm Kombucha, Evelyn & Bobbie, RepairSmith, and Karma Automotive understand their consumers from the ground up. Custom research is perfectly suited for startups who are bringing something new to the marketplace and have yet to establish a strong brand identity. Alter Agents’ approach to consultative partnerships means that we act as an extension of the client company, giving them a fully functional market research team that is experienced, nimble and on-call.