How does a disconnect between personal experience and worldview affect brands?

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How does a disconnect between personal experience and worldview affect brands?

Our latest bespoke research uncovered some interesting findings about how consumer fear and distrust is driving their purchase behavior – and it is more complicated than brands might think. We dive into some of the numbers, and their consequences for brands, in our latest article for Forbes

Our CEO, Rebecca Brooks, writes about how our research shows that while consumers seem to have a fearful, negative viewpoint of issues in today’s world, this reality largely isn’t affecting  their perceptions of their everyday lives. Rebecca writes: “They can have a positive, confident viewpoint when it comes to their own individual experiences, even in the face of a negative world outlook.” These two viewpoints seem to contradict one another, and in this article Rebecca dives into why. The numbers below show the drastic contrast.

Some of the statistics she covers from our research, which surveyed 1,000 U.S. residents 18 and above, include:

  • How consumers feel about their own lives (“micro” view): 72% confident, 64% enthusiastic, and 61% satisfied
  • How consumers feel about the world (“macro” view): 35% trust their government, 37% trust others in general, 30% felt the world was headed in a good direction, 19% felt that those in power had society’s best interests at heart, and 59% felt that the cards were stacked against them financially 

To summarize the numbers above, Rebecca says that “Consumers are feeling okay in their space, but also see some real danger on the horizon.” When dissecting the numbers further in the article, she breaks down the data generationally and by gender to provide a more in-depth picture of what’s going on with today’s consumers. The key overall takeaway Rebecca states is that “It’s clearly important for brands to gather information on individual emotions rather than relying on generalized data about broader viewpoints.” 

Rebecca concludes by saying “There’s quite a divide in how consumers see themselves and how they see the world overall… Brands must start to uncover insights on how the individuals in their target audiences are feeling, both on a micro and macro level, in order to communicate with them in a way that resonates and will inspire positive action.” 

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