How Shoppers Choose Personal Growth Programs

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How Shoppers Choose Personal Growth Programs

Lifelong learning is a key part of staying ahead of the game in the information age. That was true before the COVID-19 pandemic pushed many people to reevaluate their priorities and skill sets. Now, we’re seeing an explosion of new online programs that you can join to further your personal growth, from mindfulness and meditation to online workout classes and professional courses. We studied how consumers go about choosing those programs as part of our Shopper Influence research, and Alter Agents CEO Rebecca Brooks discussed the findings in an article for MediaPost. Here are her key takeaways:


Get in the door early

Our research found that 42% of shoppers don’t have a brand in mind when they start their search – they’ve just identified a need in their lives and they want to fill it. Half also said that they made a final decision on their course within one day of starting the search, which doesn’t give providers much time to influence the shopper journey. Getting in the door early is vital for brands.


Shoppers cast a wide net

Shoppers will consult an average of 31 different sources before making the final call. That’s a wide array of sources, particularly considering that half of them choose their provider within a day. This means that shoppers aren’t digging too deeply at any one source, so marketing information needs to be succinct and actionable.


This product is personal

Shoppers in this category really focus on personal interaction. Word of mouth is a high-value source of information during their purchase journey, and they’re likely to share their final decision and experience with friends and family. Brands in the space should make that experience easily shareable so their subscribers become their best marketers.


“We expect to see growth in the self-improvement subscriptions sector for decades to come,” Rebecca writes, “particularly as the subscription-based model continues to expand into new digital offerings and the technological revolution picks up pace.” To read the full article, click here.


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