How to Boost App Engagement With Mobile Marketing Automation

Mobile Apps Must be Simple

How to Boost App Engagement With Mobile Marketing Automation

When it comes to mobile apps, it is the control of the app that causes a disrupt between the customer and the marketer.

According to Rebecca Brooks, a marketing analyst having worked with brands like Google, Hyundai, HP, the biggest disconnect is the idea that marketers can have any control or influence over how a customer engages with a mobile app.

Rebecca points out that marketers should focus on activities that motivate customers and not notifications, gamifying elements, or friend networking to boost engagement. Why?

“Customers are not waiting by their phones hoping your business app will communicate with them. They turn off those notifications and reject irritating their friends by networking through apps. Successful mobile apps recognize that the customer should be in charge of the engagements and provide content that is relevant, engaging, and encourages repeat visitation. Or, they forgo an app altogether and engage customers in mobile in a new way”

To explain this, she cites the example of Domino’s Pizza’s concept of tweet to order #easyorder pizza delivery.

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