How to Update Your Market Research Approach: 3 Phases

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How to Update Your Market Research Approach: 3 Phases

Is your market research approach evolving with the times?

Consider how humans display remnants of our ancient DNA that are no longer relevant, such as tailbones and appendices, goosebumps, wisdom teeth, and inner eyelids. These features fall into a category called human vestigiality; they are vestiges of our past. Market research, which is nearing its 100th anniversary of Daniel Starch’s first man on the street interviews, is showing signs of research vestigiality.

Market research needs to undergo a third phase of revolution in survey strategy and design. By revolution, we don’t mean just the expansive evolution of adopting new tools and technologies like biometrics, advances in neurology and geolocalized sample targeting. These certainly expand, enhance, and improve market research, but they are not responsible for this new revolution in the actual questions we ask.

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