LaBelle’s Pies Aside, Celebrity Not a Recipe for Business Success

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LaBelle’s Pies Aside, Celebrity Not a Recipe for Business Success

Surprise! Patti LaBelle stuns Willie Geist, Tamron Hall with pie.

News of the Grammy Award-winning singer’s expanding enterprise, which turned the sweet potato pie, originally expected to be a seasonal holiday item, into a year-round Wal-Mart staple, prompted us to take a look at some other celebrity-created products.

Here are some notable ones that achieved tremendous success — or memorable failure:

1. George Foreman Grill

Introduced in 1994, the George Foreman Lean Mean Fat-Reducing Grilling Machine quickly became a must-have kitchen item — and remains so today. Its success springs from several factors: It’s a great, innovative product that, at the time it was launched, spoke to America’s growing focus on health.

Foreman, a former champion boxer, also was an extremely passionate promoter who was able to revitalize his image via the product.

“By the (time he launched his grill), Foreman was a lesser known celebrity,” Rebecca Brooks, co-founder and partner at the market research firm Alter Agents told NBC News. “He really put himself out there and was so charming and cared about this product.”

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