Leveraging Advances In Technology To Deliver Delight

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Leveraging Advances In Technology To Deliver Delight

Over that last several years, hyper-personalization has become a necessity for brands and retailers.

This level of personalization uses data to provide more personalized and targeted products, services and content. Retailers that are embracing the rapidly advancing artificial intelligence, automated personalization technologies and machine learning are positioning themselves for the future. These technologies do more than allow retailers to react to customer demand; they help them predict this demand and create magnetic moments among their customers.

Retailers who have been using algorithms and machine learning to do things, such as stock items in stores or allocate staff and resources based on peak times, are well-positioned to use these same technologies to better understand their customers and deliver a better, more personalized experience. These technologies can be used to dynamically recommend products and create experiences that appeal to individual consumers in the context of his or her own routines.

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