New MediaPost article: “Always On Shopper Becomes More Efficient”

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New MediaPost article: “Always On Shopper Becomes More Efficient”

In our latest piece for MediaPost’s The Marketing Insider blog, Alter Agents CEO Rebecca Brooks writes about the shifting behavior of shoppers in the age of information. As online shopping becomes the norm, other aspects of behavior are changing, including the actual time it takes to make a purchase decision. In short, people are becoming more efficient when it comes to buying products and services.

There are a few reasons for this “slight contraction” in the time it takes to consider and then make a purchase. For one thing, consumers have become “highly adept at navigating large amounts of information across traditional, digital, social and retail channels.” Some of the key reasons for this trend that Rebecca calls out in her article include:

  • Consumers have access to better sources of more information. Retailers and brands are getting better and “more sophisticated in the way they communicate messages.” This makes it easier for people to find what they need, when they need it.
  • Technology is getting better at matching us with the right information. Things like AI and predictive analytics helps consumers along the purchase pathway by anticipating needs and desires. 
  • People are spending less time digging through peer reviews. There is suspicion among shoppers that some brands are “paying or rewarding customers for positive reviews”, making them less valuable. 
  • Online shopping becoming the norm means people are establishing their own “routines for making purchase decisions” in this environment. Their rising confidence at where to find information and what exactly they need is shrinking overall shopping time. 

She concludes the article with some advice for brands in an ecosystem where “barriers continue to fall between consumers and shopping.” She encourages brands to be aware of this shift, focus on agility and be ready to capture their target audience during a “shrinking window of purchase decision-making.”

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