New MediaPost article covers what we know about Gen Z’s far-reaching influence

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New MediaPost article covers what we know about Gen Z’s far-reaching influence

In our latest piece for MediaPost’s The Marketing Insider blog, Alter Agents’ Chief Research Officer, Heather O’Shea, outlines some of our research, which has demonstrated that Gen Z is a highly complex generation with a range of beliefs and values.

As a group that refuses to be categorized or defined in any clear way, Heather notes that Gen Z poses particular challenges for marketers. What’s more, their habits, consumption patterns and expectations are strongly influencing adjacent generations, too.

In short, Heather notes that Gen Z’s demands on brands to meet their expectations are influencing the entire media landscape. This means that other generations are benefiting from – or struggling with – changes to the way the likes of media, advertising, technology are now being presented to audiences. For instance, as people spend more time on video – a medium which is now more and more available to them across multiple platforms – brands will need to understand how to best engage audiences within this context.

Heather also notes how Snap and Omnicom Media Group recently came to us to answer the question: “What does Gen Z want from brands?” We have found, for instance, that they want to be approached in an authentic, relevant manner.

In addition, about 75% of Gen Z say they would be more loyal to brands that speak to “social issues, post information, or have advertisements about social change.”

Yet she warns: “Brand purpose messaging can capture audience attention, but it needs to be authentic: Gen Z will definitely discover any deception and share this message far and wide across the digital landscape.”

With Gen Z leading the way in many areas and influencing the habits of other generations, we’re seeing widespread shifts in the way people consume media, shop and leverage technology – as well as shifting expectations of the brands with which they do business.

In summary, Heather writes that the influence of Gen Z will ‘extend to future generations, who will follow these evolutionary consumption patterns to an even greater extent’. She concludes: “Brands should be ready for the permanent shift in the digital landscape… and prepare a thoughtful, data-driven approach to reach audiences.”

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