New Trends Forecast from Alter Agents: Hyper-disruption

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New Trends Forecast from Alter Agents: Hyper-disruption

When COVID-19 arrived in 2020 and started turning the world upside down, consumers significantly shifted their buying behavior. Entire industries had to adapt rapidly because the rules set by consumers, governments, and common sense changed.


We’ve dubbed that rapid wholesale change “hyper-disruption.” It’s change so big and so fast that staying on top of it and responding effectively has become incredibly difficult. And the pandemic accelerated long-standing trends in such a way that the timetables we held for responsive action are too short now. Even as we slowly right the ship after an extremely difficult period, it’s undeniable that things won’t ever be the same.


In our latest trends forecast, “Hyper-disruption” explores how the pandemic affected existing trends in human connection, the wellness industry, and retail. It examines how those trends are colliding with shifted consumer behavior, with some aspects finding accelerants while others regress. And we look forward to understand where consumers are headed and forecast what companies and brands need to do in order to keep up.


But what’s exciting about hyper-disruption is the sheer possibility of it. The pandemic gave people, brands, and organizations the freedom and opportunity to make more personalized decisions. They aren’t likely to give up that freedom, so hyper-disruption is here to stay.


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