News release: Healthcare is #1 concern of Americans in all age groups

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News release: Healthcare is #1 concern of Americans in all age groups

With a global health crisis, it is no surprise that healthcare is a top concern. However, this was true even before the COVID-19 situation ballooned. Research that we completed late last year still showed that, no matter the age group, healthcare was a top fear or concern among American consumers. We will will be talking about the study, and the impact of fear on consumer behavior, during a webinar on March 26 at 11 a.m. Pacific time, in partnership with Women in Research (WIRe). Read our release below!


Study shows that healthcare is #1 concern among consumers of all generations
Even before COVID-19, new research that uncovered top universal fears in the United States found healthcare is an enduring area of concern


Los Angeles, CA – 19 March 2020 Alter Agents, a full-service market research consultancy, has released new research surrounding consumer fear and anxiety. The study, which was conducted late last year, found that conversations around fear were accelerating even before widespread coverage of COVID-19. American consumers were already experiencing fear and anxiety from a social, political, economic and informational perspective, with healthcare topping the list as the number one universal concern. 

“At my firm, we’re passionate about understanding what drives people and we’ve long known that fear and anxiety have large impacts on behavior,” said Rebecca Brooks, founder and CEO of Alter Agents. “We set out to do this research and understand exactly how people are feeling about key issues, and what brands need to understand about their audiences in order to be successful. We discovered that the conversations around fear have accelerated, people are more stressed than ever before and this is becoming even more apparent with the current global situation.” 

The nationally representative study surveyed 1,300 adult respondents. It covers attitudinal topics surrounding fear assessment and ranking, social media and entertainment perceptions, spending behaviors and more, all broken down by specific demographics. Healthcare was a top fear among all age groups, including 30% of Gen Z/millennials and 48% of baby boomers and older. Other fears differed; GenZ/Millennials and Gen X are concerned about personal finances (30% and 32%, respectively), while older respondents were more worried about crime (26%) and immigration (25%).

The fragmented healthcare system in the United States, as well as questions about future healthcare models (e.g. Medicare for all, cessation of coverage for preexisting conditions), is exacerbating these concerns. Further adding fuel to the fear fire is the ability for the current system to meet expected demands rising from the spread of COVID-19. According to several epidemiological studies, the spread of the virus could put strain on the healthcare system that it is ill-prepared to meet. 

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