Check Out Our Top 5 Research Insights From 2021

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Check Out Our Top 5 Research Insights From 2021

2021 was a banner year for our research teams. From projects on augmented reality and the drivers of consumer fear to the nature of sports fandom and value of audio for advertising, our analysts have been busy! Here are the top five insights from their published work in 2021:


Shifting consumer priorities affected everything

We found in the third and final installment of our Facing Fear research series that over a quarter of Americans spent time during the endemic reevaluating their personal priorities. We’ve seen this play out in the Great Resignation and changes in consumer spending – folks really committed to making some changes in their lives. We expect this to contribute to the accelerating rise of Shopper Promiscuity, creating challenges for some and opportunities for brands with a finger on the shopper’s pulse.

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The pandemic was a boon for sports viewership

We know that people consumed more video content during 2020’s lockdowns. But what about the sports industry, which saw schedules disrupted before playing in empty stadiums? Our work on the nature of sports fandom with Snapchat found that Snapchatters’ sports viewership increased due to the pandemic, with 46% saying that they started watching an entirely new sport during the pandemic. That’s millions of newly-minted fans of sports from soccer and cricket to tennis and baseball.

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Two-thirds turn to social media for shopping

Our Shopper Influence Research program launched in July, bringing with it some fascinating insights into the modern shopper journey. One of those insights was about social media: specifically, that about two-thirds of shoppers use some form of social media to inform their purchase decisions. YouTube still dominates when it comes to influencing final purchase decisions, with Facebook and Instagram following closely behind.

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Audio media is highly trusted by consumers

How impactful is audio during the shopper journey? Our Engaged Impressions study for Audacy found that nearly 7 in 10 told us that audio is a source for trustworthy information, giving power to podcast host endorsements or advertising. That beats out broadcast TV, Google, Print, Social Media, and YouTube on consumers’ trust meter. We used our Agile Neuroscience methodology to examine what content people truly love, finding that the Health & Wellness category topped the chart. The work was featured in Audacy’s 2021 State of Audio report.

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Augmented reality spurs purchase decisions

We worked with Snapchat this spring to evaluate how impactful augmented reality is on the modern purchase journey. It turns out that branded AR experiences increase the likelihood that shoppers will purchase an item or experience, particularly in categories like home decor, where it helped push 73% of consumers towards a decision. And we know that consumers don’t view AR as just a passing fad. More than three in four told us that they believe AR technology will play a role in how people shop in the next five years.

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Another great year in research, and there’s more on the way. Are you ready to pump up your market research in 2022?


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