Shopping and augmented reality: our latest article for Quirk’s

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Shopping and augmented reality: our latest article for Quirk’s

As the shopping landscape changes dramatically, brands are looking to future-proof shopping experiences and engage audiences. Often this requires deep audience understanding, gained through holistic insights. In a recent article for Quirk’s, our Chief Strategy Officer, Devora Rogers, writes more about this and our recent research with Snapchat and Publicis Media to explore augmented reality (AR) and shopping.

With this study, we were looking to understand the impact of AR on the shopping journey. Devora explains the methodology in the article, and then provides a summary of the data that was uncovered. Overall, the study found that “branded AR experiences can positively impact and influence consumers at multiple points along the shopper journey, informing purchases, boosting positive brand perceptions, and educating consumers.”

Some key data points included: the impact of AR on likelihood to purchase in specific vertical product categories (home decor topped the list at 73%); people are actively looking for AR experiences (54%); three in four believe AR technology will play a role in how people shop in the next five years; and more. 

She then writes about how brands can best “fashion market research strategies to gain the necessary granular, nuanced understanding of their audiences.” Best practices included: narrowing the focus to keep insights sharp; using a multi-modal approach to research for more holistic insights; and looking to other industries for the latest trends. 

The article concludes with: “Shopping is changing at every level. Consumers are digitizing their lives, so it makes sense that our research found that technology like AR is appealing to them when it comes to their purchase journeys. What other approaches are you missing? The right shopper research approach can help you be proactive and deliver what your audience is seeking – before they may even know they are looking for it.”

Need a better way to find out what your audience wants in their shopping experience? We can help!

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