Strategies To Stand Out When Amazon Takes Over Your Brand

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Strategies To Stand Out When Amazon Takes Over Your Brand

Amazon is ubiquitous in the shopping landscape. As the largest online retailer in the world, there are many obvious reasons that it is nearly imperative that brands sell through its site. Rebecca Brooks writes for MediaPost, which publishes valuable, comprehensive content for advertising and marketing professionals, about the flip side to this brand and online retailer relationship. 

In short, Amazon is using its depth and breadth of power to its advantage by collecting data from sellers on the site. They then use it to become a direct competitor: by selling and promoting their own version of the same item. How can brands compete with this approach? Amazon is promoting its version of your popular product over your original. Often, ceasing to sell on the platform is brand suicide, so companies need ways to stand out. 

In the article, Rebecca gives companies some expert tips to follow in order to be successful at differentiating their brands: 


  • “Know your customer intimately.” Dig in and find out how shoppers found their items and how they shop.
  • “Play the belief-based shopping card.” Focus on the fact that you are a unique brand with values – not just a part of a large corporation like Amazon.
  • “Tell your brand story — loudly.” Make your story very transparent and show through personal connection why your company is unique.






Rebecca concludes her article by stating: “Amazon’s not going anywhere. It’s growing rapidly and tapping into new revenue streams all the time.” Because of this, it is key for brands to consider the three guidelines above, as well as their own unique strategies, in order to continue to survive in today’s competitive marketplace.

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