Super Bowl 50’s Best Ads

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Super Bowl 50’s Best Ads

There’s a fine line between entertainment and information. Here’s one marketing researcher’s take on which advertisers moved brand perceptions during—and after—Super Bowl 50.

The Super Bowl turns every American into an ad critic; everyone has an opinion around the water cooler the next day. It is also an annual anxiety event for brands and advertisers that bet enormous dollars—and professionals reputations—trying to make their creative newsworthy.

I have my two cents, too, about the winning Super Bowl ads, but before we get to that, let’s qualify what makes a great commercial for the Big Game. For an ad to truly be effective, it can’t just be a memorable story or funny punch line. People have to remember who the ad is for, and it must move brand perceptions. It’s a fine line between entertainment and information. Interestingly, what was made abundantly clear in last night’s broadcast was featuring a Hollywood personality—and more than a dozen Super Bowl 50 ads did—was no guarantee of success.

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