We write for Forbes about using AI in a human-centered industry, market research

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We write for Forbes about using AI in a human-centered industry, market research

In her latest article for Forbes, our CEO Rebecca Brooks writes about what many of us are grappling with: how to address the elephant in the room that is AI. In this piece, called “AI considerations for people-centered companies in human-centered industries,” she writes about the importance of prioritizing existing values and knowing where you stand, while also realizing that AI does and will have a place in the market research sector.

Rebecca discusses the ubiquitous presence of AI and how it is reshaping various industries. However, she emphasizes that the field of market research, deeply rooted in understanding human behavior and emotions, presents unique challenges. “The depth of insight I seek as a researcher can in no way be fully replicated by machines or synthetic data,” she asserts, highlighting the irreplaceable value of human intuition and empathy in research.

Rebecca acknowledges the potential benefits of AI, particularly in analyzing large datasets and identifying patterns quickly. Yet, she points out that AI cannot capture the nuances and qualitative insights that human researchers provide. “Machines can provide valuable data points and trends, but they cannot capture the empathy, intuition, and qualitative insights that human researchers bring to the table,” she explains.

As a leader, Rebecca stresses the importance of aligning AI initiatives with core company values. Reflecting on her company’s people-centric approach, she cites some of the narrative from our recent award application for the Quirk’s Awards (which we won as Marketing Research Supplier of the Year in 2023!) “Our company believes: humans come first; team members are empowered; strong relationships based on trust and thoughtful collaboration are prioritized; and the business will be run ‘responsibly, humanely, and authentically in an ever-changing world.” This approach helps to guide any AI strategy that Alter Agents is developing, ensuring technology augments rather than replaces the human element.

Rebecca concludes by advocating for a balanced perspective on AI, acknowledging its potential to enhance efficiency while preserving the essential human touch in market research. “It is our responsibility to guide our teams through this evolving landscape by staying informed, fostering open discussions, and aligning AI initiatives with core values,” she advises, urging leaders to navigate AI’s complexities while maintaining their commitment to human-centric values.

Read the whole article here: https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbesagencycouncil/2024/07/02/ai-considerations-for-people-centered-companies-in-human-centered-industries/

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