We address customer journeys for Nielsen’s Visual IQ

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We address customer journeys for Nielsen’s Visual IQ

Rebecca’s advice is to shift focus away from the brand and prioritize the needs of shoppers, a necessary move in the face of the promiscuous shopper, decline of brand loyalty and a wide variety of purchase paths.

This shifting landscape offers real opportunities to those who are willing to adapt. As consumers become more promiscuous in their shopping habits, convincing consumers to make the switch to a novel product has gotten easier. While the volume of messages can make it hard to cut through the clutter, those who are offering something new can find a receptive audience for their product. Whether from a wholly new brand or an innovative legacy brand, in many ways there’s never been a better time to launch a novel product.

The second adaptation needed to survive in this landscape is to shift focus away from the brand and towards the consumer. On the marketing side, this means ensuring that diverse consumer touchpoints are consistent throughout the shopper journey, with relevant messaging that excites consumers.

On the research side, this means starting from questions that prioritize the needs of shoppers rather than the needs of the brand. Uncovering the nuanced differences between consumers and their decision processes rather than treating them as a single monolithic group can be the difference between a successful brand and one that gets left behind.

Other contributors to the article including marketing leaders from Zulily, HubSpot and Nextiva. For all seven takeaways for the measurement strategies and tactics marketers need to be successful in 2019 and beyond, see the complete article here: https://www.visualiq.com/about/blog/7-takeaways-measuring-customer-journey

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