Agile Neuroscience

What do consumers really love?

Building a holistic view of what your target audience or customers want can be a real challenge. Sometimes, you need to dig deeper than quantitative survey data and qualitative interviews to get at the heart of what exactly motivates, captivates, and inspires the people you’re trying to reach.

That’s why we’re proud to offer agile neuroscience testing as part of our multimodal research approach. Our methodology is powered by Immersion, a cutting-edge agile neuroscience platform that measures physiological cues that indicate a respondent’s neurological response to content, experiences, and products. It gives you insight into unconscious brain activity, cutting out bias or imperfect recall. We pair this methodology with other quantitative and qualitative work to build solid, compelling insights for your business.

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Using neuroscience for your insights

Immersion is measured by tracking variations in heart rate rhythm. The variations are caused by changes in the brain’s oxytocin levels, which indicate whether the consumer’s brain is engaged and happy with an experience. This reveals unconscious reactions to stimuli, enabling you to see how the brain is reacting to content in real-time. And it's reliable, predicting consumer action with 80% accuracy, increased sales with 83% accuracy, and hit TV shows with 88% accuracy. 

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It’s a convenient, user-friendly platform

This is neuroscience-based market research for the 21st century. We’ve left the labs and wired body sensors behind and taken the process into the cloud, using the smartwatches that consumers are already wearing to collect data in real-life situations.

The content receives an Immersion Score, with higher scores indicating a greater likelihood of future action and peak moments corresponding with long-term recall. You can monitor responses in real time, slice data by demographics and segments, and pinpoint exactly which moments or features are the most compelling for your target audience so you can build the best content or experience possible.

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Neuroscience at scale

The distributed nature of the platform makes it incredibly adaptable to different research needs. Because you’re not tied to a physical lab and respondents already own the smartwatches we use for measurement, we can conduct this type of research in multiple places at the same time and at scale. From the living room to the store, you can leverage this technology anywhere your customer is. And we can do it at a fraction of the price of traditional neuroscience research.

We’ll couple the agile neuroscience with additional qualitative or quantitative methods for large studies. If you’re looking for a quick content test, ask us about our Neuro Quickstudy options.

Top brands are signing on

We’ve conducted groundbreaking research using agile neuroscience and Immersion that drove real business action for brands like Snapchat, Activision-Blizzard, and Audacy. From the nature of consumer trust in audio media to augmented reality and audience engagement in esports, this methodology is applicable across industries, categories, and customer segments.