Moment of Truth

How Promiscuous Are Your Shoppers?

In our book, Influencing Shopper Decisions, we discuss the rapidly changing attitudes of shoppers toward a more promiscuous mindset. By promiscuous, we mean that more than ever before shoppers are actively seeking new brands, new products and services, and even new channels of distribution. Finding something new is a thrill shoppers are chasing and that means reduced loyalty.

Shoppers have been trained to expect constant innovation, new ways of buying and completely new ways of interacting with brands. That means that our more brand narcissistic, traditional research is missing out on understanding shoppers’ perspectives.

At Alter Agents, we help our clients navigate this new kind of shopper, identify how to connect with them, and how to survive in this new era of constant customer acquisition. When you take this short quiz, the team at Alter Agents will dive into your category and your brand and return in five business days with a tailored, bespoke overview of promiscuity in your space. Let’s get started!

All information collected is fully confidential and falls under our standard practices of client confidentiality.