Facing Fear: Overcoming Consumer Anxiety

facing fear final edition

Facing Fear: Overcoming Consumer Anxiety

By: Alter Agents

This paper represents the third and final installment of our research into consumer fear and anxiety. By comparing today’s data with our findings from both before and mid-pandemic, we are able to provide an in-depth analysis on the powerful forces driving consumer fear and anxiety. By exploring how top concerns have shifted, both in topic and intensity, among consumer groups, the insights in this piece can guide brands in building a foundation for understanding their changing audiences.

Key findings in this paper...

  • The worsening public health situation is taking a severe toll on Americans.
  • The COVID Economy exacerbated existing socioeconomic disparities.
  • Our politics have created a fragile moment and new demands on government.
  • Key populations believe that progress has been made on racial issues.
  • Americans have found strength and silver linings through adversity.
  • Rebuilding from this point is an all-of-society effort.