Influencing Shopper Decisions: Chapter One

Alter Agents first chapter

Influencing Shopper Decisions: Chapter One

Redefining the Shopper Journey for the First Time

By: Alter Agents

The dawn of the digital age and ecommerce’s rise totally changed how shoppers act in the marketplace. It led to Google’s Zero Moment of Truth study that turned online marketing and advertising on its head and ushered in a revolution in our understanding of shopper research. This first chapter from Influencing Shopper Decisions lays out how shoppers became the way they are and how the authors learned to study their new behaviors.

Key takeaways from this chapter:

  • The digital age has completely transformed how people approach their shopping. They leaned into ecommerce and online research heavily, but the advertising industry was slow to adapt.
  • We always need to challenge our assumptions about what consumers are doing, and where they are going for information or someone else will.
  • The keys to understanding where you need to meet your shoppers lies in understanding how shoppers use sources to find information.