The Friendship Report 2020

Friendship Report 2020

The Friendship Report 2020

By: Alter Agents

Our research was the foundation for the second annual Friendship Report from Snapchat. We had the opportunity to dive into a basic part of the human condition and explore how friendships thrive in our modern, always-connected world. By leveraging quantitative surveys, respondent interviews, and expert testimonials, our research team built a truly global piece of research to help the folks at Snapchat guide their marketing & product development.

In this report

  • COVID-19 has changed some of our friendships in surprising ways, and poses challenges for the mechanics of how we make and keep friends.
  • Life events have a huge impact on friendships. These are cyclical and there are proven strategies for dealing with them.
  • Endships: Everyone loses friends at some point, either due to conflict or other external factors. But people are generally open to reconnecting with lapsed friends.
  • Trust and openness are the key to building and maintaining successful friendships.