We talk WIRe, our business model and brand research futures on the HappyMR podcast

John Brazil

We talk WIRe, our business model and brand research futures on the HappyMR podcast

We sat down with Jamin Brazil of HappyMR at last month’s IIeX conference to chat about some of the things we have going on at Alter Agents. Our CEO, Rebecca Brooks, took some time to dive into her involvement with Women in Research (WIRe), how we approach research partnerships and some of the new projects we have coming up on how the industry needs to approach brand research differently.

She started out the interview – which was held right before the WIRe event at the conference – speaking to her involvement with the group. As a long-time member, the Los Angeles event lead, a participant in the WIRexec program and a mentor, Rebecca is committed to WIRe’s mission. She talked a bit about her two-year long mentorship with a WIRe mentee and what it takes to be part of the program.

Jamin then asked her to share a little bit more about Alter Agents and our approach to research. She said, “We are a full-service market research consultancy that is methodology agnostic, vertical agnostic, doing both qualitative and quantitative research for large and small brands. We have found that our niche isn’t in a particular type of research or a particular industry, but rather centers on clients that need a true consultative partner.”

She likes the opportunity to be a partner in the broader sense – dig in deep with the client as to why the research is being done and what decisions are going to be made with the data. In addition, Rebecca believes an important step is helping to evangelize research findings across a client organization, including presentations to the C-suite.

They then dove into some conversation surrounding how brand category affects purchase behavior; something we’ve been thinking a lot about at Alter Agents lately. Rebecca touched on how technology is driving consumer convenience, pushing to eliminate as many barriers as possible for the consumer so that they can get to the purchase stage. This is changing how brand categories are defined, and thus changing the way we should be approaching research.

She says, “Everyone’s getting really used to convenience and expectations are rising, so you have this tension of brands striving to meet consumer demands for convenience but then in doing so are losing some of the brand focus.” We are currently planning an original research study on just this topic, so look for results this summer to find out more!

For the complete podcast, visit: https://happymr.com/wire-series-rebecca-brooks-alter-agents/

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