We write for Forbes about updating market research methodologies

Market Research methodologies

We write for Forbes about updating market research methodologies

In her latest article for Forbes, our CEO Rebecca Brooks writes about ways that market researchers can evaluate and update their practices to fit today’s needs. The article, called “How Will You Know If Your Market Research Methods Are Outdated?” covers the need to focus less on brand and more on consumers, as well as understanding that consumers themselves have changed and are more promiscuous with their shopping habits.

She highlights the need for a fundamental shift in how researchers approach gathering insights, emphasizing that clinging to outdated models focused on brand-centric questions is no longer effective in understanding today’s consumer landscape. With consumers having more choices, access to abundant information, and a variety of purchase channels, traditional research methods centered on brand consideration and price are inadequate.

Instead, Rebecca advocates for prioritizing the consumer in research methodologies. She suggests asking questions that delve into consumers’ likes, wants, needs, motivations, and values rather than solely focusing on the brand. Additionally, she recommends employing a mix of research methods, including quantitative data, neuroscience, and qualitative interviews, to gain a comprehensive understanding of consumers in today’s complex shopping environment.

She also researchers to adapt their practices for the digital age by embracing emerging technologies and online platforms for gathering insights. This includes reevaluating the necessity of in-person research post-pandemic and exploring innovative qualitative alternatives to maximize efficiency and expand sample sizes while preserving depth of understanding.

Rebecca concludes the piece with, “When insights no longer positively affect business outcomes, our jobs as researchers become obsolete. Staying a step ahead of your consumer audience by seeking a deep understanding of them—not your brand—can give you powerful insights that engage stakeholders and raise the value of research programs across organizations.”

The complete article can be found here: https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbesagencycouncil/2024/04/30/how-will-you-know-if-your-market-research-methods-are-outdated/?sh=234040c473f0


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