We write for Forbes about having confidence in your data

Forbes article march 24

In her recent Forbes article, our CEO Rebecca Brooks urges companies to have confidence in data-driven decision-making, moving away from the uncertainty that still lingers from the pandemic. In the piece, titled “How Businesses Can Overcome Doubt And Embrace Data-Driven Confidence“, she outlines some of the best practices and actionable steps business leaders can use…

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AdvertisingWeek: How to effectively plan for streaming advertising

advertising week

Alter Agents’ Chief Research Officer Heather O’Shea recently wrote for Advertising Week about techniques to blend media measurement and market research effectively for streaming ad planning. With a staggering 99% of households subscribed to at least one streaming service, media planners and advertising need to deeply understand this medium and how to reach audiences. She…

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Case Study: Exploring “Audio Rituals” with Audacy

Audacy Case STudy

Unique blend of methodologies uncovers when listeners are tuning in during their daily lives Download the case study here: “Alter Agents is our go-to partner when we need to dig into complex, multi-modal market research work that helps us deeply understand our complicated audience. The team at Alter Agents isn’t afraid to try new things…

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We write for Forbes about the benefits of multimodal research

Forbes multimodal

In her regular column for Forbes, our CEO and Founder Rebecca Brooks wrote about how using multimodal approaches to research can help us understand consumer behavior in a landscape that is evolving rapidly. She writes about the surge in demand she’s seen from clients for insights that go beyond surface-level statistics. “Our clients need more…

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Our newest study with Snapchat: “Real Relationships, Real Impact”

Snapchat and Alter Agents release new data proving correlation between emotion and brand receptivity  Study finds that positive, relationship-driven emotions produce a halo effect surrounding brand awareness, consideration and purchase intent LOS ANGELES, CA – 16 November 2023 – Snap, Inc. and Alter Agents today released the findings of new research on how positive emotions,…

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Segmentation research can be a road to powerful insights

Segmentation research is a powerful tool, but it suffers from past negative associations. Our Chief Innovation Officer, Michelle Castle, and Chief Analytics Officer, Casey Willard, write about how to address common challenges in segmentation research in their latest article for Quirk’s. In it, they draw on their collective experience of conducting over 100 segmentation studies…

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Evolving Market Research: A Lesson from Pew Research Center

Using the renowned Pew Research Center’s new research and framework for generational market research as a jumping off point, our CEO Rebecca Brooks reiterates the need for market research to evolve in her latest column for Forbes. Pew’s new stand is another indicator that reinforces what we’ve been saying for a long time: market research…

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We write about understanding shopper context for Total Retail

Our Shopper Influence Study among 6,000 recent category purchasers revealed nearly half (48%) of consumers do not have a brand in mind at the start of their shopper journey. Instead, their purchase decisions are influenced by a vast number of contextual factors. Alter Agents’ Chief Innovation Officer, Michelle Castle and Chief Analytics Officer, Casey Willard,…

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Neuroscience can uncover attention metrics for advertisers

In today’s digital landscape, brands face significant challenges in obtaining accurate attention metrics. As a result, marketers are increasingly seeking innovative approaches to uncover and measure audience information. Our Chief Strategy Officer, Devora Rogers, recently wrote for Advertising Week about how biometrics and neuroscience, particularly the agile neuroscience methodology, show great promise in addressing these…

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We write for Greenbook about leaving behind brand narcissism

market research

In her latest article for Greenbook, our Chief Strategy Officer, Devora Rogers highlights the need for a consumer-centric research model that aligns with the way customers think and make purchasing decisions. The piece, called “Moving away from a narcissistic market research model” explores the drawbacks of some of the traditional approaches to market research and…

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