AdvertisingWeek: How to effectively plan for streaming advertising

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AdvertisingWeek: How to effectively plan for streaming advertising

Alter Agents’ Chief Research Officer Heather O’Shea recently wrote for Advertising Week about techniques to blend media measurement and market research effectively for streaming ad planning. With a staggering 99% of households subscribed to at least one streaming service, media planners and advertising need to deeply understand this medium and how to reach audiences. She writes “streaming video is a space that must be incorporated into the mix to keep a competitive edge. While it previously was a medium that lacked advertising potential, now many of the large streaming services are growing their ad-supported user base and FAST platforms are gaining usage as well.”

To effectively navigate this new landscape, media planners need to understand the unique characteristics of streaming advertising. Unlike traditional TV, streaming platforms offer more flexibility in ad placement and targeting, akin to digital media. Leveraging data analytics and audience insights becomes crucial to personalize messages and connect with viewers across diverse demographics and interests.

Heather uses in-context testing as an example approach for gathering data and insights on streaming audience metrics. This method tracks ad performance within the streaming environment, offering valuable insights into maintaining audience interest and measuring impact on metrics like product awareness and purchase intent. By observing user behavior in real-life situations, brands can optimize content, design, and user experience to drive meaningful improvements.

She highlights the importance of flexibility in an ever-changing streaming environment, advocating for “adaptive media research.” This approach combines media measurement with traditional market research, allowing for tailored strategies that suit each brand and audience. As streaming continues to evolve rapidly, ongoing testing and the integration of new techniques are essential for marketers to refine their strategies and remain competitive. “Every brand is different, every audience is different, so one size doesn’t fit all. Building in that flexibility from the start, knowing the toolkit that’s available, and even blending multiple approaches to get the most holistic views, can be the best path to success.”

While streaming presents exciting opportunities for advertisers, challenges remain in measuring ad effectiveness due to the fragmented nature of the landscape and the lack of standardized metrics. Nonetheless, with the increasing availability of ad-supported subscription tiers on streaming services, the potential for connecting with audiences continues to grow. Heather concludes with: “By adopting a nuanced understanding of streaming’s unique nature by collecting and leveraging data-driven insights, media planners can position themselves and their clients for success in the streaming era.”

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