Neuroscience can uncover attention metrics for advertisers

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Neuroscience can uncover attention metrics for advertisers

In today’s digital landscape, brands face significant challenges in obtaining accurate attention metrics. As a result, marketers are increasingly seeking innovative approaches to uncover and measure audience information. Our Chief Strategy Officer, Devora Rogers, recently wrote for Advertising Week about how biometrics and neuroscience, particularly the agile neuroscience methodology, show great promise in addressing these challenges and delivering actionable insights. 

She covers how today’s data and privacy ecosystem is creating barriers to traditional measurement techniques, and how the right approach to neuroscience can help. Using examples of how we have used agile neuroscience, with our partners at Immersion, in our own client research projects, she illustrates how this methodology can be used in real-life settings. Devora writes, “The flexibility of this specific approach means it can be used in a huge number of scenarios and environments, depending on what a particular brand or business needs to uncover.”

Blending neuroscience methodologies with traditional quantitative and qualitative approaches can yield even deeper insights into human behavior. By delving into the physiological processes underlying emotions, actions, and decisions, researchers can make informed predictions and drive important business decisions. This multidimensional approach surpasses the limitations of traditional stated data, allowing brands to measure attention and predict consumer behavior effectively.

Devora cautions that there is no “one size fits all” approach, so building flexibility into research methodologies is crucial. Surveys and qualitative interviews remain valuable tools for gaining audience insights. However, blending these methods with neuroscience techniques “that use the body’s physiological responses to stimuli go far beyond traditional stated data, and can help us measure attention and predict consumer behavior.”

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