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How do we activate research in the age of technology?

How do we activate research in the age of technology

As market research consultants, many of us wonder what happens to the data we uncover. How is it activated at our client companies to improve outcomes? This is not a new concern, but it is one that is changing in scope as technology takes a front seat. Our CEO, Rebecca Brooks, writes more about this…

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We write for MarTech Advisor about the New Reality for Shoppers

New Reality for Shoppers

“Brands are facing increasing tension between tech-driven consumer conveniences and the need to start approaching their target audiences differently from the outset. What needs to change in marketing research and the way we understand shoppers in this new reality? Rebecca Brooks, Founder and CEO, Alter Agents, has the answers.” She writes about this in-depth for…

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As seen on Forbes: Brand Building in the Age of Convenience

Brand Building in the Age of Convenience

Technology is transforming the way people shop and their expectations when it comes to brand experience. How can brands keep up with this new reality? Our CEO Rebecca Brooks writes about the tension between technology and branding in her latest article on Forbes. Fierce retail competition, technology-driven conveniences and the desire for barrier-free shopping are…

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We address customer journeys for Nielsen’s Visual IQ

Woman Using Square for Credit card Transaction

Rebecca’s advice is to shift focus away from the brand and prioritize the needs of shoppers, a necessary move in the face of the promiscuous shopper, decline of brand loyalty and a wide variety of purchase paths. This shifting landscape offers real opportunities to those who are willing to adapt. As consumers become more promiscuous…

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On the AMA blog: Busy Lives Affect How We Shop

Man Shopping with Laptop and Phone

There’s no doubt we’re all busier than ever before. How is this affecting purchase behaviors? How should brands reposition to accommodate this reality? Rebecca Brooks dives into this issue in her latest article for the American Marketing Association’s Marketing News blog in an article called “No Rest for the Weary Shopper.” In the article she…

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