Millennial Workforce Empowerment

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Millennial Workforce Empowerment

Take it from a Millennial: this generation of workers isn’t lazy or entitled, they just want to feel empowered by their employer in meaningful ways. Born into a generation that entered the workforce with a “digital tether”, they’ve never had a job where their work wasn’t “carried in their pocket 24/7, with the attached expectations of constant availability.”

Alter Agents’ Mike Dickerson explores this subject in detail in a new article on the Business2Community website called “Lip Service Isn’t Enough: Millennial Employees Crave Meaningful Empowerment”. He dives into what a meaningful workplace means for Millennials and how employers can start to build an environment that not only meets their expectations, but gives them room to succeed and thrive.

Alter Agents has embraced this concept with something they’ve dubbed “Ultimate Agency” which allows employees greater control – and responsibility – over their work-life balance. Mike talks specifically about our “flex location” policy among other benefits:

“Extending the idea of ‘flex time,’ this policy is about allowing employees to be where they need to be as long as they’re accountable for their work. Working from home when feeling a little under the weather (but not wanting to take a full sick day), working from another state because a family member is sick and you need to visit, working from a coffee shop just because you feel like a change of scene – all of these are enabled by a policy that meaningfully empowers employees while ensuring that they remain accountable.”

Mike maintains that when employers start to implement policies that provide “meaningful empowerment”, they will get loyalty and productivity in return from their Millennial workforce – and other generations as well!

Check out the complete article here:

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