How do we activate research in the age of technology?

How do we activate research in the age of technology

How do we activate research in the age of technology?

As market research consultants, many of us wonder what happens to the data we uncover. How is it activated at our client companies to improve outcomes? This is not a new concern, but it is one that is changing in scope as technology takes a front seat. Our CEO, Rebecca Brooks, writes more about this in her latest article on the Greenbook Blog.

She writes that the agency-client partnership does look different today due to technology. “In this environment, I see the role of the hands-on researcher as multi-faceted. Walking through the research process, from up-front planning to insight implementation, is one thing. Navigating the challenges of disparate systems and technologies is quite another.” She recommends that researchers approach each client relationship on a case-by-case basis, and fill in the gaps exactly where the client needs help. By taking this “white glove” team-oriented approach, you can help keep projects running smoothly.

When looking at how research is activated, technology has also driven a shift in expectations. Speed is becoming increasingly important, and “technology helps us improve our turnaround time from auto-populating to dashboards to quickturn transcriptions.” While we can leverage this reality to get to insights faster, we have to make sure not to sacrifice quality. With the extra time that technology allows us, we can focus on making sure valuable insights aren’t left on the table.

She concludes with: “While technology may be changing the logistics and tactical side of our role as consultants, the goal is the same: help clients get the very most out of their insights. When we have a deep understanding of their environment, and act as an “in the trenches” support team, our clients can stay focused on their business needs. Plus, we’ll be right by their side so the data and insights we uncover stay out of that void and we can start to see the results of all our work in a practical setting.”

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