As seen in Forbes: Brand category influence on shopping behavior

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As seen in Forbes: Brand category influence on shopping behavior

The retail environment is changing just as drastically as it did with the mega-malls of the 1980s, but now this change is digitally driven. Marketers are scrambling to keep up with consumers who flow easily between online and brick-and-mortar channels for their purchases. Rebecca Brooks maintains that there is another important consideration that marketers must consider in this environment: brand category. She writes more about this in her latest article for Forbes, “How are people shopping? It depends on brand category.”

First, Rebecca outlines a few types of promiscuous decision makers that Alter Agents identified with its most recent research project. These shopper profiles definitely play into purchase decisions, but she maintains that true understanding of behavior requires deep consideration of brand category. 

“Our research showed significant differences in how people shop in certain categories, and also that people change their behavior entirely depending on what they are purchasing.” If we loosely group products into two categories — automated and enriched — we start to see massive changes in behavior. Items that fall into the automated category include household everyday items and beauty products; these items are used every day and have no need for change. The items that fall into the enriched category are typically more expensive such as appliances or vehicles, which require more thought and a variance of brands. Brands and marketers would do well to take note of where their products fall and how this influences their audiences.

Rebecca concludes her article by talking about the shift that is happening with today’s shoppers. She says, “As the digital ecosystem grows and online transactions continue to rise, brands will find it even more essential to not only understand their consumer with context, but also have a deep knowledge of how these consumers are shopping in their particular category.”

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