Brands Need to Start Asking: Who Am I?

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Brands Need to Start Asking: Who Am I?

Alter Agents Mike Dickerson recently contributed an article for the Business2Community blog contending that brands need to start adapting to consumer demands. The first step? “Know Yourself.” The article, entitled “When Everything Else is Changing, Know Yourself: Brands Adapting to Consumer Demands”, provides insight into brand success in a marketplace where an ever-shifting consumer landscape is becoming the norm.

Mike says that it is essential to have a deep understanding of not only just how individual each shopper really is – making decisions based on a multitude of circumstances and needs – but also where the brand fits into this varied journey. In the article, he outlines some steps that brands can take such as:

“Know Yourself: Understand not only where your brand lies in the marketplace, but also how consumers perceive your brand. As Socrates (we think) said “To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom.” This wisdom will end up paying off with your discerning and changeable consumer.

Be Yourself: Don’t try to be something you’re not – even if you’re trying to change, you need to base that effort in your current position in the competitive/consumer landscape. Dominos had to completely reinvent themselves due to an extremely poor position with its consumer – and they had to come right out and say it to the world. They couldn’t reposition the brand without changing everything from the ground up – from operational functions to marketing. And they did so transparently.

Ignore the Noise: There’s a lot going on out there. The constant pace of innovation is tempting, but it pays to be selective and only pursue the avenues that make sense for your brand and help you better connect with your customers. They are looking for those “magnetic moments” when your brand perfectly aligns with their needs and circumstances, so make sure that those moments are apparent to them.”

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