Cherishing Complexity: Alter Agents Explores the Emotional Side of Market Research with New eBook

Cherish Complexity

Cherishing Complexity: Alter Agents Explores the Emotional Side of Market Research with New eBook

Market research firm explores capturing the human element; includes case study from global brand Philips Lighting

LOS ANGELESCAApril 13, 2017 – Alter Agents, a market research firm focused on intelligent shopper insights, has published a new eBook that explores the importance of capturing emotions and irrationality during market research. The publication, called

Cherishing Complexity:  The Power of Acknowledging Human Intricaciestakes a deep dive into disrupting and revolutionizing the way brands approach research respondents using real-world examples, including a case study from Philips Lighting. The book explores how to fit the new frictionless economy: a marketplace that displays rapid innovation, virtually unlimited access to information and numerous product choices.

“Research companies are looking at engagement, emotion, ‘brand love,’ advocacy and a number of other metrics to try to capture this ephemeral data, but we argue that we need to do more,” said Rebecca Brooks, founder of Alter Agents and author of the new eBook. “Human complexity and diversity are center stage across the board now, and shoppers are making values-based buying decisions. This is a cultural change that brands need to make central to their outreach.”

In Cherishing Complexity:  The Power of Acknowledging Human Intricacies Alter Agents not only provides a continuation of the conversation it began in its first three eBooks published over the last few months, but it hones in on the disruptions necessary to capture the human element in research. Included in the eBook is a case study on how Philips Lighting takes this approach.

“We started thinking outside in, not inside out,” says Lilian Marijnissen, Strategic Designer at the Philips Lighting, Design department, in the eBook. “Our retail clients are under tremendous pressure to keep shoppers coming to their stores.  We partner with them to design lighting systems that enhance the shopper experience; attracting and engaging them. We work with our customers, not for them.”

Brands can reframe the way they approach research in order to meet consumer needs proactively. Alter Agents’ new eBook encourages companies using market research to:

  • Bring insights into the center of business decision-making by thinking outside in
  • Let go of historical approaches to research and find unexpected ways to answer objectives by thinking more critically about each challenge
  • Discover the human element in research by using methodologies and technologies designed to uncover the audience’s personal needs, priorities and barriers
  • Embrace the complexity of the human mind rather than thinking reductively about your consumers

Cherishing Complexity: The Power of Acknowledging Human Intricacies can be found in its entirety at:

About Alter Agents 

Alter Agents is a full service market research and brand consultancy; the Alter Agents team has a long history of brand strategy and communications experience. They specialize in shopper journey research developing leading edge insights. Alter Agents’ is led by co-founders Rebecca Brooks, Angela Woo, and Phil Dance. Their experience includes working with brand giants such as eBay, Google, Hyundai, Yahoo, Viking River Cruises, and many more. More at @Alter_Agents

Media contact: Marie Melsheimer,, 541-815-3951

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