From Our CEO: Alter Agents’ 2021 Year in Review

2021 has been a year of contradictions. On the one hand, this year was about consistency – we celebrated our 11th anniversary, retained 100% of our staff, and continued to expand our revenue and our client base. But, it has also been a year of major change. Devora and I wrote a book that will…

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TMRE Wrap Up

Mountains and Blue Sky

The Market Research Event (TMRE) has been a great experience this year. I had an opportunity to connect with colleagues and stay current with the latest trends and technologies in our industry. Some personal highlights for me included the WIRExec dinner hosted on Tuesday night by Canvs and Kristin Luck. It was wonderful to see…

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Gender Parity Study by Women in Research: What Do Moms Need to Know

Mother holding babies feet

Industry group Women in Research (WIRe) recently released the findings of the second wave of its study “Gender and Career Advancement in the Research Industry.” These findings were contrasted against the benchmark study done five years ago to illustrate what progress (or lack thereof) on gender parity in the workplace had occurred since 2013. While…

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C-stores Could Be Doing So Much More Around Shopper Marketing

Consumer Behavior

Convenience is one of the best retail environments for influencing consumers through shopper marketing — the purchases are low-risk and prone to shopper promiscuity, with shoppers willing to try new items? So many convenience store purchases are driven by impulse, with successful shopper marketing techniques said to provide that last bit of influence at the…

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The Demise of America’s Malls

Then and Now

From Hanging Out to Hung Out to Dry. Malls are struggling to find their way back into the social and economic heart of consumers. How can they revitalize? When I was a kid, we’d meet up at the mall to hang out with friends and strut our stuff. Plus, we couldn’t text or Snapchat our…

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Face up to the Complexity of Research

Complexity of Market Research

Researchers and clients must look beyond the individual survey and look at the broader picture of how it fits into successful business strategy. Research models do not work. It could be argued they never did, we just now live in an age where their flaws are so exposed that we can no longer ignore them.…

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Cherishing Complexity: Alter Agents Explores the Emotional Side of Market Research with New eBook

Cherish Complexity

Market research firm explores capturing the human element; includes case study from global brand Philips Lighting LOS ANGELES, CA, April 13, 2017 – Alter Agents, a market research firm focused on intelligent shopper insights, has published a new eBook that explores the importance of capturing emotions and irrationality during market research. The publication, called Cherishing Complexity:  The Power of…

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Amazon Go: A Bold, Inevitable Retail Revolution

Amazon Go Shopping

Amazon Go changes the game in the way traditional grocery cannot and promises to disrupt the entire distribution chain from cashiers to stockers to delivery trucks to mystery shoppers. Grocery retail is the last brick-and-mortar industry to have evaded the digital upheaval of their business model. Over the last few years, the consumer has been…

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