Our Study on Preferences, Personalization and Perks

Shopper Preferences

“Alter Agents, in partnership with Virtual Incentives, embarked on a study of the needs and priorities when it comes to how consumers perceive specific incentives and how those incentives influence behavior.” Brands are most successful when customer needs and priorities are the focus. Traditionally, research and marketing has centered on a kind of narcissism, often…

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Digital Natives Shaking Up the Shopping Landscape

Digital Options

Rebecca Brooks analyzes four major trends of Digital Natives’ shopping behaviors and how they affect brand marketing. Not only are Digital Natives quickly becoming the largest consumer group in the marketplace, but they also are driving changes in shopping behaviors that are creating a sea change for brand marketing. This group—made up of Millennials (18-…

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Alter Agents Unveils Intelligent Grocery Shopper Insight Tool

What is Shopper Stat

Shopper STAT is comprised of data from interviews of 1,000 shoppers per week. Alter Agents, a Los Angeles-based market research firm focused on intelligent shopper insights, has launched its new proprietary syndicated tool: Shopper STAT (Spend, Triggers, Attitudes, Trends). Shopper STAT is an insight tool based on continuous sampling of shoppers who bought groceries in…

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How to Celebrate Holidays Aboard a Cruise

Cruise Ship

The most popular holiday cruise is on New Year’s Eve Celebrating a major holiday aboard a cruise ship might seem a little strange, until you start thinking through the benefits: no intense home preparation, no cooking deep into the night, no elaborate coordinating of schedules with relatives. In short, a holiday away takes the pressure…

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How to Update Your Market Research Approach: 3 Phases

Market Research Ideas and Analysis

Is your market research approach evolving with the times? Consider how humans display remnants of our ancient DNA that are no longer relevant, such as tailbones and appendices, goosebumps, wisdom teeth, and inner eyelids. These features fall into a category called human vestigiality; they are vestiges of our past. Market research, which is nearing its…

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The beauty industry now has its own green ‘seal of approval’

Cosmetics Model

Environmental Working Group has launched EWG Verified. Rebecca Brooks, a marketing consultant and founder of the market research firm Alter Agents, says the label will help brands differentiate themselves even if they do nothing more than put it on their products. “Consumers will see it as an official label, so even if people don’t know…

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Best in Biz Awards, Rebecca Brooks for Executive for the Year

Rebecca Brooks Receives Best in Biz Award

Bronze award for Executive of the Year, Small-Businesses Now in its sixth year, Best in Biz Awards honors companies, teams, executives and products for their business success as the only independent business awards program judged by members of the press and industry analysts. Previous judges in the North American program hail from publications such as…

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22 Tips from Influential Marketers as Content Marketing Evolves

Content Marketing Graphic

Never mind the whole concept is so last century, when retail was the only shopper’s experience. The Internet is flooded with all sorts of content every day. For content marketers, identifying ways to cut through the noise to promote quality content in the ever-changing landscape of marketing is crucial. Tools like Buffer make it simple…

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