Digital Natives Shaking Up the Shopping Landscape

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Digital Natives Shaking Up the Shopping Landscape

Rebecca Brooks analyzes four major trends of Digital Natives’ shopping behaviors and how they affect brand marketing.

Not only are Digital Natives quickly becoming the largest consumer group in the marketplace, but they also are driving changes in shopping behaviors that are creating a sea change for brand marketing. This group—made up of Millennials (18- to 34-year-olds) and Generation Z (those under age 17) have an approach to shopping that is a complete break from any experience we’ve known to date. At Alter Agents, we examine this change through the lens of the CPG grocery space using data based on continuous sampling of shoppers who bought groceries in the last 24 hours.

What we’ve found, based on six years worth of shopper journey studies in dozens of categories in multiple countries, is a fundamental shift in how Digital Native shoppers are reframing the entire shopping experience. Four trends have emerged that brands can examine in order to understand how this powerful group of shoppers is thinking and what matters to them.

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