How Today’s Shoppers Buy Prepackaged Coffee

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How Today’s Shoppers Buy Prepackaged Coffee

Coffee makes the world go ‘round – at least it does in our virtual office. In the latest installment in our series on findings from Alter Agents’ Shopper Influence Research, CEO Rebecca Brooks writes in Coffee Talk Magazine about how shoppers go about buying packaged coffee. Here are the key points for brands and retailers to know:


  • Shoppers in this segment are loyal to brands. Nearly two-thirds say they bought from the brand that they had in mind when they started their shopping process. And with just five percent saying that they ended by buying something different than what they originally intended to, the focus for growing brands should be on shoppers who haven’t made up their minds at the start.
  • The decision window is short. The vast majority – 81 percent – decide which brand they’re going to buy within a day. That doesn’t leave marketers much time for long campaigns.
  • In-store sources were used the most often. Shoppers tell us that looking at signs in the store, on the shelf, and the product packaging were often where they get their information when they’re deciding what to buy.


“Many believe, especially in recent months, that shoppers’ habits are constantly changing. And on a generational, demographic, and economy-wide level, that’s true,” Rebecca writes. “But seeing that analog sources still dominate the game for packaged coffee drives home that brands need to know when shoppers are following macro behavioral trends and when they’re not. So for coffee, for now, it all comes down to the shelf.”

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