Join us for our WIRe Webinar: New Approaches to Brand Equity Research

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Join us for our WIRe Webinar: New Approaches to Brand Equity Research

Join us for the first peek into our newest bespoke research project at the first-ever Women in Research (WIRe) sponsored webinar. This is a brand-new program for the organization, and they’ve already received overwhelming response with lots of sign ups for our event on October 22 from 10-11 a.m. Don’t miss out! You can sign up here: (Requires a simple site registration with WIRe.)


We will be presenting a new way to think about brand equity research and helping attendees understand how context influences brand perceptions. Grounded in our most recent research Rebecca Brooks, our CEO, and Devora Rogers, our new Chief Strategy Officer, will help to explain how market researchers can use a category lens to deliver better insights to their stakeholders.


This is important because promiscuous shopping, or the propensity to look for new brands and products before considering previously purchased brands, is becoming the norm across all categories (59% of consumers in 2019). However, there are nuances in shopping styles that vary by category and can have dramatic consequences for brand equity research. Brands need to understand the unique context of their category in order to discover their true position against the competition.


We can’t wait to share our proprietary research that illustrates different promiscuous segments, how a person can change depending on the category in which they are shopping, and how that category context impacts consumers’ perception of brands.


You can expect to: 

  1. Discover valuable techniques to revitalize your brand equity research and increase the impact it has on your organization
  2. Learn about the various styles of promiscuous shopping
  3. Understand how shopping styles can change from category to category
  4. Uncover the impact of category context on brand perceptions

Please join us next week!


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