Key Insights from our Research on Audio Engagement

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Key Insights from our Research on Audio Engagement

Entertainment mega-player Audacy released its State of Audio report this week, highlighting what’s next in the industry, what advertisers need to know, and a Marketer’s Playbook with tips for better content production that grabs attention over the airwaves.


The report leans on the findings from Audio Amplification: Defining Engaged Impressions, a study Alter Agents recently conducted for Audacy’s predecessor company Entercom. We used our Immersion-driven agile neuroscience approach to understand how, and how much, different media platforms engage consumers and drive action. Here are some key findings from our research:


  • Consumers really trust audio. Nearly 7 in 10 told us that it was a source for trustworthy information, giving power to podcast host endorsements or advertising. That beats out broadcast TV, Google, Print, Social Media, and YouTube.
  • Local hosts drive affinity. People really like content from local sources, particularly in radio. They were more likely to be engaged with local content than with nationally-famous hosts or shows.
  • Health & Wellness content is the most immersive, while news, society, and culture content tends to be less immersive.
  • About a third of listeners have taken action after hearing a host recommend an experience or a product.


Our research gave Audacy powerful insights into consumer behavior that have helped them make a truly compelling business case for audio’s value in the advertising arena.  Alter Agents CSO Devora Rogers joined a panel at Audacy’s launch event to present our work and engage with practioners. View the recording here.


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