Layering market research methodologies for brands

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Layering market research methodologies for brands

Over the past two months, we’ve released new study data from brands’ projects that tap into emotional engagement and combine this type of behavioral data with other more traditional metrics, such as survey results. To accomplish client goals and provide deep audience understanding, Alter Agents employed several techniques, blended together, to create more holistic consumer insights.


Our Chief Strategy Officer Devora Rogers wrote about this layered approach to market research for Greenbook in a recent article titled “Complex brand questions require multi-modal market research approaches.” Audiences are more complicated than ever, which means brands need a more comprehensive view of exactly what their target customers are doing, feeling, and thinking. To help, insights professionals need to “break open the silos and adopt a layered research strategy.”


Devora writes about how different methodologies complement each other, such as using a quantitative approach to provide a foundation for more in-depth qualitative analysis. We’ve bolstered these two layers even further in many of our research projects by adding neuroscience techniques into the mix. Doing so can “deepen insights even further by uncovering what the conscious mind is unable to reveal.”


Citing our work with Activision Blizzard Media as an example, she dives deeper into how the brand needed to understand its esports audience when it came to emotional response, ad effectiveness, and brand perceptions. We brought together survey data, in-depth consumer interviews, and emotional response sessions using Immersion’s neuroscience platform to help the Activision insights team answer their research questions. That approach allowed us to provide rich, multi-faceted insights into Activision Blizzard’s esports audiences.


This kind of thinking has served us well on several client projects already this year, helping to build cohesive audience profiles and identify challenges and opportunities for a wide variety of segments and industries. Devora concludes her article with, “As digital transformation continues to march ahead, and COVID changes perceptions for decades to come, a comprehensive understanding of the evolving consumer mindset and journey requires a new and deeper approach to insights.” 


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