Marketers would do well to remember Gen X

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Marketers would do well to remember Gen X

The forgotten generation is the subject of Angela Woo’s latest piece on Forbes. In the article, she encourages marketers to get Generation X back on their radars, because even though this group of 38-53 year olds is smaller than its counterparts, they’re still powerful spenders. She writes “Savvy marketers would do well to remember Gen Xers, not only as a spending powerhouse, but also as a strong influencer on the other generations.”

The article covers tips for reaching out to this generation with approaches like:

  • Using social media advertising on online platforms such as Facebook. The social media giant’s highest concentration of users lies within Gen X – around 45 million.
  • Email marketing communications still resonate with this generation- as this age group was there when email as a form of communication was created and it continues to play a big part in their lives.
  • Gen Xers still like to get a good deal, and they like coupons. This group is willing to search the Internet to look for cost savings from coupon codes offered online or digital coupons.
  • Gen Xers like loyalty programs and the primary drivers are to save money and receive awards for purchases they make.
  • This generation grew up loving to shop at malls and, of any generation, they are still most likely to enjoy shopping in-person. However, they have seamlessly embraced online shopping making them a hybrid generation. They are also more likely to make unplanned purchases at in-store than any other generation while they are shopping.

She concludes: “Gen Xers are a force to be reckoned with – they have huge buying power and influence over other generations, and are expected to live longer than Boomers. Brands and marketers should not gloss over this generation and need to understand how this group is maturing. They want to be heard, and not forgotten, and marketers would do well to pay attention.”

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