We write for MarTech Advisor about the New Reality for Shoppers

New Reality for Shoppers

We write for MarTech Advisor about the New Reality for Shoppers

“Brands are facing increasing tension between tech-driven consumer conveniences and the need to start approaching their target audiences differently from the outset. What needs to change in marketing research and the way we understand shoppers in this new reality? Rebecca Brooks, Founder and CEO, Alter Agents, has the answers.” She writes about this in-depth for a new article on MarTech Advisor called Is Convenience the Death of a Brand? Navigating Brand Building in the Age of Convenience.

Following current themes of technological transformation across all aspect of life, Rebecca examines how digitally-driven, convenient environment is affecting the way people buy certain products. In some cases, these trends are removing barriers to purchase and in others, it is making it impossible to capture market share. She maintains that everyday purchases, such as those you might get on Amazon’s Subscribe and Save, thrive in this environment, while newcomers and experiential brands must approach shoppers from new angles.

The article then dives into advice for marketers and market researchers on how to navigate this changing landscape. She writes that they should consider research that moves “away from questions surrounding brand awareness, familiarity and consideration, and toward questions that gain a consumer perspective.” She outlines key points that should be considered in this ecosystem, including the fact that:

  • Product category is increasing in importance in understanding how people shop.
  • Brand may be left completely out of the process when people are making purchase decisions.
  • Brands must consider purchase triggers, such as context and distribution channels, in their marketing strategy.
  • Convenience is king, no matter the brand category, because consumers are no longer willing to put up with any barriers.

She concludes: “So what are some ways to bridge the gap? Market research will have to adapt, although it is hard for anyone to predict exactly what these adaptations will need to be. As someone who has seen the industry change dramatically over the last 20 years, I can safely say that the change that’s happening now is coming at us from all directions. It’s not just consumers who are demanding convenience, our research buyers want this too. Technology’s quick advancement in fields like machine learning, AI, automation of analysis and more will continue to serve this need. Technology adoption will need to be deftly balanced with quality and depth of analysis as we move forward into understanding the way consumers are shopping today.”

To read the complete article, visit: https://www.martechadvisor.com/articles/customer-experience-2/is-convenience-the-death-of-brand-navigating-brand-building-the-age-of-convenience/

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