New market research on mom gamers: a powerful and growing consumer group

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New market research on mom gamers: a powerful and growing consumer group

Did you know that “gamer moms” make up a significant portion of the gaming population? Our latest research conducted with interactive entertainment company, Activision Blizzard Media, dives into this powerful consumer segment. In Rebecca’s latest article for Forbes, she writes about what this group looks like and how brands can start to tap into their purchasing power. 


Activision Blizzard Media’s white paper on the topic was recently published, uncovering insights from our initial study in which we asked questions so we could understand the behavior and roles of mom gamers. We wanted to find out how “moms-who-game are affecting important metrics like technology adoption, social influence, shopping, entertainment consumption and more.” We used a large audience for our research, including more than 7,200 moms between the ages of 25-54 from the US, UK, France and Germany. 


Rebecca writes that because women continue to hold 70-80% of their family’s purchasing decisions, we must understand the swift growing segment of mom gamers. It’s vital that we understand the nuances of this growing segment of moms. “Our priority was uncovering whether or not brands are providing sufficient opportunities to fully engage this audience, as well as identifying what white space exists in which mom gamers could be better served. We found out some interesting insights.”


In the Forbes article, Rebecca covers some of the study’s key findings such as the fact that gamer moms: 


  • Are highly-engaged and consume a large amount of content and entertainment
  • Play video games to relax, when they have free time or want to “boost their mood”
  • Are more likely to be heavy social media users and to enjoy shopping – seeking new products and trying new things


These characteristics mean that brands should take specific actions in order to reach these moms in a way that makes sense to them. Digital marketing efforts and the right messages can resonate with this audience if done right. She outlines specific ideas in the article, which she concludes by writing: “Brands should be aware of the value of this highly-engaged and vocal audience, finding ways to access and influence the mom gamer consumer.”


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